Human Resources Information management can be a complex area for many small businesses but we can provide an HR infrastructure that can help your “HR” employees manage it effectively, even if your “HR” employees have to wear many different hats, as is often the case in small or even medium sized businesses. In addition to our full-service payroll,  our Payroll and HR offers tools to help you run your business efficiently:

HR Support Center

Your single source for critical HR materials, including job descriptions, forms and other templates. Email alerts keep you current with new federal and state laws, regulations and court decisions that could  impact your business. And when disciplinary actions  or terminations become necessary, you’ll have the resources to ensure the process is fair, consistent  and in full compliance.

Business Partner Reporting Center

Business partners can use our Payroll and HR to provide documents, alerts and information important for mutual client use. This service greatly enhances your partners’ ability to provide you with efficient, cost-effective services—eliminating the need for  you to be the go-between.  Of course, you can control exactly what access you allow, or don’t allow, your partners to have access to.

Our Info Center

Much like an intranet site, this broad-based communication tool provides a reliable and secure  way to ensure employees have easy access to info, including schedules, policies, employee handbooks, pay stubs, W-2s, PTO and external websites.

HR on Demand Services

Virtually outsource your HR function to certified professionals who will provide guidance and assistance when you need it—so you can get back to business.
Stay in compliance, without staying up to date. This timesaving service, which offers unlimited access to a certified HR professional, provides you with guidance when employee issues arise and helps you stay in compliance with the latest employment-related laws, regulations and court decisions.


•  Employee Handbook Development – Consult with a certified HR professional to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation.
•  Ask the Pro – Get answers to situational questions within one business day, about important legal compliance and personnel issues.
•  Document Customization – Ensure compliance with the review/update of existing employment-related documents or customize new ones.
•  Easy on Your Budget – No upfront setup charges or annual fees. All costs are built into your regular payroll processing fees and guaranteed for three years

Payroll and HR clients also receive our comprehensive payroll benefits

You’ll have everything you need to get your staff paid accurately, on time and with minimal effort, including:

  • A customizable, all-inclusive payroll/HR solution, featuring a team of payroll specialists
  • Competitive pricing, plus a three-year price lock
  • Secure online access to your payroll data and  employee information
  • Federal, state and local tax filing and payments
  • Integration of workers’ compensation insurance data and premium collections through a variety of carriers
  • Most importantly, a dedicated single point of contact to address your questions