Our Payroll Solution works with many excellent time clock and time & attendance solution vendors products.  We also work with many POS vendors which include timekeeping feature \ functionality, and are capable of exporting time punch and related data to payroll processing companies like Heartland.  This functionality helps in streamlining the input of this very important part of the payroll process.  Sometimes, our customers do not yet have automated time & attendance solutions, and especially for larger customers who are interested in automating this part of their business, We have partnerships with several leading time & attendance companies, and are proud to consult with our customers in finding the best time & attendance solution to fit a customer’s requirements.

Two key partners that can be configured by your sales representative, and include hardware an software solutions from two leading Time & Attendance companies: Swipe Clock and Infini Time.  Included within the solutions offered by these two companies are traditional badge / swipe solutions, web based time in/out, biometric (fingerprint) solutions, card proximity, and mobile phone solutions (and various combinations).

Contact your Payroll Solution specialist below, for more detailed information of how either of these fine solutions can be configured for you. Also have information on all of the other time & attendance solutions which interface to Payroll Services.handtimeclock